Terrific Techniques by Hand
(Each class is 3 hours)      

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Hand Applique’

Hand applique’ is appealing to the eye and has so many applications. In this class the students will learn techniques to prepare and attach stems, leaves and petals in a simple yet elegant flower design. Come and take pleasure in this relaxing class where the emphasis is on enjoying the process.  3 hour class; supply list

 Reverse Applique'

Reverse applique’ gives an added dimension to your work. Come to class and learn an easy way to create circles that look “set into” the background fabric. Enjoy the relaxing pace of this hand work only class where you will create a piece that can be kept as a reference sample or used as the basis start to a whole quilt. This technique will also work with other simple shapes.  3 hour class; supply list


English Paper Piecing

Learn this classic technique with a new twist. The students will unwind and enjoy a relaxing workshop with no machine work involved. Slow down and enjoy the process of creating a special hand crafted piece that can be used to decorate a pillow or bag or expanded to create an entire quilt.  3 hour class; supply list

Woven Strips

In class you will learn this fun technique to add the texture of woven strips to your quilt. Use it for borders, blocks, or perhaps as the base of a basket. With a few simple tools and an iron you can prepare fabric for some relaxing hand work that will add a special touch of dimension and interest to your next project.  3 hour class; supply list


Add a special touch to your next project. Hand embroidery will elevate your piece to the next level with texture and detail that will set your work apart. Learn basic stitches that, when combined, will open you to a myriad of possibilities. Add knots, stems, and flowers to create whimsical or elegant design elements to your work. Slow down and enjoy the process!  3 hour class; supply list

  •  The Modern Hexagon
    (6 hour class)
    In this fun class the students will be learning the techniques of joining the hexagons and attaching them to a background all by machine. The class project is a “flower hexagon” block set on a background with borders. This piece can be used as a pillow or as a start to a larger piece. We will be working with oversized hexagons that will give the piece a Modern feel. The technique is very versatile and can be used with other shapes as well. Supply List  Click picture for an enlargement

    Machine Quilting the Modern Way
    (6 hour class)

    Modern machine quilting is all about filling the negative space with texture and design.

    This class covers the fundamentals of free motion machine quilting while introducing a collection of new, Modern quilt designs. The students will spend time learning and practicing the basics of free motion stitching, then move to a whole cloth piece to create a sampler of Modern machine stitches to use as a reference guide. Come spend a fun and relaxing day and take home a sampler of Modern stitches to use on your own quilts.   Supply List.  Click picture for an enlargement.

      Free Motion Photo -  A Quilter's Coloring Book
    (6 hour class)

    In this class the students will use free motion stitching and thread painting techniques to transform one of their own photos into fabric. Students will learn a fun and easy way to transfer the image to a fabric base and fill in the design using a “fabric coloring book” style. Ways to mount and display your mini work of art will be discussed. Come and have a play day with a quilter’s coloring book!!  Supply List
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      Embellish It!
    (6 hour class)

    Have you always loved beads, and longed to add them to your quilts and garments? This class is for you! In class the students will be making a stitch sampler of bead techniques. Learn to securely attach beads, shisha mirrors, and cabochons. Students will create bead stacks, several types of fringes, and learn straight row beading techniques. Come to this fun class and find out how to add a bit of beaded “bling” and sparkle to your next quilt creation! Supply List.
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      Superior Finishes-Binding your Quilts
    (3 hour class)

    Is binding the quilt your least favorite part? Tired of humdrum finishes? Come and learn piping and binding techniques to make your quilts stand out in a crowd.  In class you will be making samples of finishing methods to take home and use on your own quilts.  Binding will never be boring again! 
    supply list

      Novelty Stars  
    (6 hour class) 

    Need a quick gift quilt?  Maybe you just like to buy those fun novelty prints with medium to large scale motifs and then they sit in your fabric stash, waiting to be used.  Come to class and create a playful star quilt using these wonderful prints.  So easy to make, you won’t be able to stop with just one!
            supply list

      Raspberry Limeade
    (6 hour class)

    This class combines foundation piecing and appliqué.  Class time will be primarily spent on foundation piecing the Star Flower blocks for the quilt.  There will be discussion and demonstrations of appliqué techniques and of possible quilting designs for the finished piece.    42 ½” X 42 ½”      supply list

      Colorado Columbine 
    (3 hour class)
    Easy foundation piecing creates this striking “Log Cabin” flower.  Learn a method that makes it simple!  Setting techniques will also be discussed for making a larger project.   You don’t have to be experienced in foundation piecing to make this pretty quilt.  Looks great in hand dyed solids or in prints!
    supply list

      Free Motion Appliqué with Embellishment
    1 day (6 hours) and 2 days (two, 6 hour)   

    Create a unique wallhanging all your own! Students will learn “Thread painting” machine appliqué, and free motion quilting skills. In the one day class there will be a demonstration on hand embellishing with beads. The two day class will include making a beading technique sampler.  Easy designing techniques, where the fabric does the work, will be used. Students will have a good start on a wallhanging at the end of class. One or two day options 
    supply list for 1 day class

    Additional supplies for the 2 day class.
    (if taking the 2 day class you will need both lists.)

      Free Motion Machine Quilting 
    (3 hour class)
    Come and learn the basic techniques needed for successful free motion quilting.  Batting, thread, needles, and machine set up will be discussed in class. You will take home reference samples, confidence and lots of ideas for quilting your next project.

    supply list

      Crazy Stars
    (6 hour class)

    In this class the student will be creating a 52” square quilt with easy to make, free-form stars. The technique is really fun and each quilt will be unique to the maker. Pre-cutting some pieces will allow for more time in class for piecing the blocks. It is easy to make more blocks later to make a larger piece.
      supply list
      Terrific Techniques by Machine 
    (6 hour class)

    Want to take a class that that will teach you some useful techniques? This is the one! Learn helpful skills to add to your “bag of tricks” and use them on the projects of your choice when you get home from class. In class you will be learning to set in rounded shapes without pins, how to insert “pick-up sticks” into a finished block or quilt and how to foundation piece without sewing through the paper. No need to go out and buy any new fabric or gadgets. Use things you already have on hand to expand the possibilities for your own work. Come ready for a fun, relaxed class filled with tips and tricks to help make your quilting more interesting and effortless!      supply list



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